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Living Nativity

Activity for the whole family to present and enjoy.

Califon United Methodist Church presents the story of the birth of Jesus as a Live Nativity production. It is the kind of production that memories are made of.

Children and adults participate as the holy family, angels, shepherds and magi. This year, Real animals join the production. A donkey or small horse escorts Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. Bleating sheep and goats follow shepherds to the fields. Sometimes an alpaca plays the part of the camel when the three wise men travel to visit the new-born King. And it all happens indoors in the church in mid-December!

Every year, the production is different, utilizing the talents and suggestions of our members. Children sing, dance, sign (in American Sign Language), or play the bells to old and new Christmas songs. Some cast members may have lines, while others may not, but all have period costumes. Not all roles are played by children. Adults and teens can play Mary and Joseph, the magi, angels, and shepherds.

Our Living Nativity has been cancelled for 2016. We hope to bring it back bigger and better for 2017!