Beginning the Employment Relationship

The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) hires new staff, in consultation with the pastors and relevant ministry area leaders. Church Council is notified of all changes in employment; Church Council approves any new staff positions. Temporary contractors may be engaged with the approval of supervisors and/or pastors.

The hiring procedure for SPRC is:

  Action Finance Council Media Result
1 SPRC receives input from ministry area leaders or the pastors about the need for the position in question and creates/updates the job description as needed. (New positions will be presented to Church Council for approval.)   approve   Job Description online
2 SPRC researches relevant sources and consults with the Finance Committee as needed to identify a competitive salary offer and starting date. (Changes to the church budget must be approved by Church Council.) approve approve   Salary adjustment in budget with Finance
3 SPRC advertises the position and requests résumés from interested individuals. (need list of publication outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, our own website,, Califon town website?, local newspapers.)     promo résumés and applications kept in locked file for one year; available to SPRC
4 The SPRC reviews résumés and conducts interviews. Interview includes discussion on hours, responsibilities, salaries, holidays. Pastor and immediate supervisor also participate in the interview.       Vet prospects
5 SPRC meets (in person or online) to narrow the selection for an offer.       1-3 candidates
6 The SPRC subcommittee contacts the winning candidate with a letter of offer. If the position is declined, the next candidate will be notified by letter. All correspondence is copied to Finance chair. copied     New hire
7 When the position is filled, other applicants will be notified by letter of regret.       Letters sent and filed
8 SPRC will notify Church Council of the new hire and take appropriate steps to notify the congregation. Finance and all members of the Council will be notified.   notify promo Announcements and notifications
9 The new hire will meet with the Finance and SPRC chairs to go over pay policies, tax documents (W-2, W-4, 1099), timesheets / schedule, access to the building, benefits, background check requirements (unique for each job -- check job description), state and federal notices, I-9, etc. intake process     Orientation on the first day/week on the job

Background Check within first 30 days.

      report is filed and locked
11 If problems with the background check, review with new hire. Either rectify the situation, terminate with a letter or email, or ask for resignation.       keep documents on file
12 New hire attends Safe Sanctuaries training       certificate of attendance on file
13 SPRC and/or supervisor conducts a performance evaluation with the employee 90 days from date of hire.       file