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Hours, time off, comp time, required days

Part time hourly and salaried staff members’ work expectations are detailed in their job descriptions, and they are expected to work within their hourly limitations.  .

Non-pastoral Sick Leave or FMLA (NJFMLA)

Leave is available for all staff who work in excess of 9 hours per week after 12 months of employment.  This Leave may be paid or unpaid as determined by the Family Medical Leave Act guidelines.

SPRC may grant paid sick leave in excess of these guidelines, as well as unpaid sick leave, on a case-by-case basis.  Sick leave does not roll over from year to year Notification of absence from work must be communicated immediately to the Administrative Assistant (or the Pastor).  Notification of the use of unpaid sick leave must be communicated as soon as possible to the Finance Chair and the Treasurer.

Califon UMC urges ill staff to stay at home to care for their own health and to protect fellow staff and congregants from infection.

There will be no compensation for unused sick leave when ending the employment relationship.

Other Leave

  1. Parental Leave. Maternity, paternity and adoption leave are available for eight workweeks of paid leave and an additional four workweeks of unpaid leave for all staff members who work in excess of 8 hours per week. Health and pension benefits will continue during all weeks of parental leave. Requests for parental leave should be made as soon as possible. Requests for additional leave or additional coverage of benefits may be granted on a case-by-case basis. 
  2. Disasters and Inclement Weather. Staff members will still be paid when the Pastor(s) close the church for the sake of safety.
  3. Civic Duties. Staff members may be granted time off to vote or perform other civic responsibilities such as jury duty, National Guard service or Reserve duty.  An employee summoned for temporary active duty or training in the US Armed Forces will be granted paid military leave, calculated by taking the employee’s salary minus any sums paid by the government. Military leave will not count against any other type of leave.
  4. Bereavement. All staff members may be granted five days of paid bereavement leave necessitated by the death of loved one, as approved by the supervisor. Bereavement leaves in excess of five days may be granted by the SPRC.
  5. Other Leave. Other requests for paid or unpaid leave must be submitted to the Pastor and the SPRC, including sabbaticals and extended personal leaves of absence.