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Sunday School

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children. - Isaiah 54:13

Young Children

Sunday School

For children three years of age to fifth grade. Children attend church with their parents but exit before the scripture reading and sermon.  They depart to Fellowship Hall for Sunday School, which ends with the Sunday service at noon. It offers families the opportunity to worship in the church while the restless little ones go to Fellowship Hall for religious lessons, crafts, and activities.


Our Sunday school children created this striking calvary/tomb centerpiece for our Fisherman's Breakfast, which occurred the Saturday of Holy Week.

Youth Sunday

One Sunday month, our Sunday School children participate in a Sunday service, They lead the responsive prayer, read the scripture lesson, pass the plate, and sing with the Praise Team.

Since the United Methodist Church welcomes all for communion, and the children are encouraged and expected to attend the monthly Communion. Youth Sunday is Communion Sunday. This gives our children the opportunity to experience and participate in a full church service along with communion twelve times a year.

Children look forward to special activities designed just for them that all church members can enjoy and participate. Seasonal events that everyone enjoys are:

  • The Easter Egg Hunt
  • Live Nativity

Young Children and Young Adults

Praise Team

Those with musical talents join adults singing and playing instruments during church services.

Young Adults

Appalachian Service Project

Older students join with adults to travel to Appalachia to build and repair homes and churches for those in need. It is an adventure that moves them that they will never forget.